A deodorant without alu-salts that actually works? Yes.

I am a natural deodorant.

Smell Fresh. All Day.

I am a natural deodorant, made with love and without aluminium salts.

I am based on beautiful, organic, nourishing shea butter, rich in vitamins, fatty acids, and nutrients, nourishing the sensitive skin inside your armpits.


Baking soda and lactococcus ferment make me very good at fighting bad smells.
I am available in 3 scents:

  • Bergamot Lime
  • Juniper Lemon
  • Unscented.

Please note: many people asked us why this aluminium free deodorant is packaged in an aluminium jar. Well… it isn’! It’s actually steel, and we can proof that because it is magnetic!

FYI Cosmetics Logo

Hi. I am fyi cosmetics. My promise to you is that all my products are clean, safe, effective and affordable without any compromise on quality.